Nuclear Iran is not an option

March 5, 2015
WILL HURD, FOR THE EXPRESS-NEWS : MARCH 4, 2015 : Updated: March 4, 2015 6:03pm

It is a shame that most of the talk leading up to Benjamin Netanyahu’s address before Congress had more to do with who was or was not attending, rather than the very real threat that Israel and the United States face from our common enemy — Iran. We should be taking a closer look at what a nuclear Iran means for stability in the Middle East, the safety of our ally Israel, and the security of our own nation.

President Barack Obama’s ongoing negotiations with Iran and his blatant attempts to keep Congress and the American public in the dark fail to inspire confidence among those who know exactly the extent of the danger we’re all facing.

During my time as an undercover officer in the CIA, I helped chase and track the people who were working hard to advance Iran’s nuclear program. I know what Iran’s goals are. Unequivocally, they are moving toward attaining a full nuclear weapons capability and there is absolutely no reason to guess what their intentions are once they achieve their objective. Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, will be directly in Iran’s crosshairs, but they aren’t the only nation who will be in danger.

During these negotiations with China, Russia, Germany, France and the UK, the Ayatollah has been far from idle in his desire to foment unrest across the region and globe. They have continued to be a state sponsor of terror, and over the past several years, they have increased their ballistic missile force.

A nuclear capable Iran simply is not an option.

Current U.S. sanctions against Iran were the key to bringing them to the negotiating table in the first place, so I find it baffling that this administration is seeking to ease these sanctions, rather than do what would make sense — strengthen them. Make it abundantly clear to Iran’s leaders that the only outcome we will accept is for them to completely dismantle their existing dual-use nuclear infrastructure, and of equal importance, they need to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

With no sound foreign policy goals coming from the White House on this issue, it is important for Congress to weigh in before it is too late. Iran needs to know that the United States means business.

Rep. Will Hurd represents the 23th Congressional District of Texas.