Hurd on the Hill Columns

April 22, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

There’s no better time to go outside than Springtime. Here in the 23rd District of Texas, there’s also no better time to find your park, and you have eight incredible options to choose from across South and West Texas.

April 3, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

Here’s something you won’t hear on cable news: Special Counsel Robert Mueller, our intelligence community and Republicans and Democrats in Congress all agree that Russia is a threat. For over two years in Congress, I’ve fought for my friends in the intelligence community as a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

March 12, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

I have devoted the entirety of my adult life to keeping Americans safe. For nearly a decade, I served as an undercover officer in the CIA during the Global War on Terror. My job was to stop bad people from doing bad things in our homeland.

February 25, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

From the shores of Tripoli, to the beaches of Normandy, to the mountains of Afghanistan, the brave men and women of our Armed Forces have made countless sacrifices to ensure our freedom. Our Constitution, our democracy, all that we honor and hold sacred has been made possible through their tireless service.

February 8, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

As your Representative, one of my top priorities is making sure Congress enacts policies that create economic opportunity and give every family a chance at the American dream. Education is an essential part of these efforts. Without a well-educated workforce the next generation will be unable to take full advantage of the opportunities available in the 21st century economy.

January 27, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

I have always said that my philosophy is simple: the only way we can get big things done in Congress is by working together. That is why over the last four years as your Representative I have been able to get 14 pieces of legislation signed into law.

January 15, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

Here in South and West Texas, border security is not an abstract issue. Every week meeting with folks across 29 counties of the 23rd District of Texas, securing our border and fixing our broken immigration system are frequent topics of conversation. That’s because the border is our backyard, and what happens on the border impacts the daily lives of families across TX-23 communities.

January 4, 2019 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

It is the privilege of a lifetime to continue serving as Representative of the good folks of the 23rd District of Texas. My bosses are each of you, the nearly 800,000 people I represent across the 29 counties of TX-23, and I fundamentally cannot perform my job without your regular feedback.

December 17, 2018 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

There is a spirit of joy and giving in the air this time of year that goes unmatched, no matter the occasion celebrated. From getting together with family and loved ones to giving back to those in need, the holidays bring out the best in each of us and our nation as a whole.

November 26, 2018 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

When South and West Texas come to mind, folks might think of mouthwatering breakfast tacos, breathtaking sunsets and a good worn-in pair of cowboy boots. And they’re not wrong. However, what is also synonymous with the 23rd District of Texas is the presence of our military bases.