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November 5, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

This week’s Hurd on the Hill column is a truly special edition. In honor of Veterans Day, I asked one of my staffers, Jon Arnold, to tell you why he joined the U.S. Army and what motivates him to continue to serve today. I hope you enjoy his story. - wbh

November 2, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

Living on a budget is not easy. Every working-class family knows that. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions on how your hard-earned money is going to be spent. This requires sometimes sacrificing what you really want in order to pay for what you really need.

I think Washington should work the same way.

October 19, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

Over the past month many of you have heard about the circus in Washington. I am just as frustrated as you that some folks in DC are more focused on inside the beltway politics rather than doing what is best for the American people.  But this is my promise to you.

October 5, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

If you had told me on September 12, 2001 that over 14 years would go by without us seeing another major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, I would not have believed you. That seemed unlikely the day after 9/11.

September 28, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of welcoming Pope Francis of the Holy See to the United States of America. Not only was this the Pope’s first trip to the U.S., it was also the first time in history that a Pope addressed a joint session of the United States Congress. Washington was jubilant and united, and the historic visit was symbolic for many reasons.

September 23, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

I’m going to share a secret with you that many folks in Congress don’t know.

Washington, D.C. is not the center of the universe.

September 8, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

My staff and I spent August traveling throughout the 23rd Congressional District of Texas meeting with constituents, business owners and elected officials while eating delicious frozen treats at several of our local Dairy Queens. We called it our DC to DQ tour and it was all about listening to you.

August 24, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

For almost four decades, there’s been a ban on exporting U.S. crude. While it’s not always the case, most decisions made almost 40 years ago by the federal government rarely still reflect the current political or economic realities of the world. That’s certainly the case with this ban.

August 10, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

I recently attended the premier information security conference in the world and I overheard a hacker say that cyber security or defending digital infrastructure is like trying to cure hunger -- it’s a prolonged struggle.  I come from an IT background, having studied Computer Science at Texas A&M University.

July 27, 2015 Hurd on the Hill: Local Columns

I was asked this week what part of the Iran Nuclear Deal I was most concerned about. To be frank, it’s hard to pick just one thing. But it really comes down this - I don’t trust the Iranian government to actually keep their word.