Congressman Hurd weighs in on impeachment, USMCA, defense budget

December 16, 2019
In The News

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote Wednesday on two Articles of Impeachment. Texas representative Will Hurd told CBS4 he will not be voting for the articles, considering the evidence so far in the investigation. Democrats in the House believe they have enough votes to pass both articles without support from Republicans, including Congressman Hurd.

Rep. Hurd is working on several bi-partisan issues beyond impeachment. The congressman said the newly announced USMCA will have a positive effect on the Borderland. The new trade deal will replace NAFTA with Canada and Mexico. USMCA is expected to benefit workers as well as lower prescription drug prices and protect the environment.

Congressman Hurd also is working to lower prescription drug costs and increased health care access with his Lower Costs, More Cures Act.

“Americans should not have to choose between putting food on the table or filling their prescription,” Hurd said in a press release. “The only way we can get big things done in Congress is by working together, which is why I’m proud to support H.R. 19. This bill includes several initiatives – all bipartisan – that lower prescription drug costs, protect access to cures and ensure affordability, transparency and predictability at the pharmacy counter. The American people deserve nothing less. I’ll continue to do all that I can to increase access to and decrease costs of care.”

Rep. Hurd is now working with his representatives across the political aisle to tackle human and drug trafficking. The House Resolution, to the "Trafficking and Smuggling Intelligence Act" passed the House earlier this year. It works to to ensure the intelligence community prioritizes resources to combat drug trafficking, human trafficking and human smuggling in the Northern Triangle and Mexico.

Congressman Hurd has previously announced he will not seek reelection in 2020.