Congressman Will Hurd Hears From Locals

March 11, 2015
In The News

By: Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - "I ran for congress to be a representative not a congressman and part of that is getting out in the district and talking to folks about what they care about," Congressman Will Hurd, Representative of the 23rd District of Texas, said.

Hurd represents 29 counties in West Texas, he took a break from Washington and made his way to the Basin to hear what the locals are concerned about.

"What everyone at every stop asked about was Iran and what are we going to do with them and Iran is a real threat," Hurd, said.

Congress is working to reach a deal with Iran concerning nuclear weapons. Hurd says, bringing residents feedback to Washington is an important piece of the puzzle.

"It was exciting that people are caring about this issue and talking about this. I'm going to be up in Washington D.C. To make sure we do the right thing," Hurd, said.

After giving his ear to folks in Fort Stockton, Monahans, Pecos, and Crane Hurd says he's confident as he heads back to Capitol Hill.

"What was interesting is that it tells us that we're right on message and we're doing the things that people care about," Hurd, said.

Other concerns of residents included Netanyahu's recent visit to Washington, ISIS militants, and The Keystone Pipeline.

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