Congressman Will Hurd makes a stop in Monahans

September 16, 2018
In The News

MONAHANS, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) - Congressman Will Hurd made a stop in Monahans Sunday for his DC2DQ town hall trip.

While in town, the congressman focused on the economy, specifically regarding the trouble with roads in areas like Ward and even Loving Counties.

"We've been working with TXDOT on a major grant that the department of transportation is going to fund," says Hurd. "We've been working with them on priority projects, and hopefully we will be hearing about them in the next couple of weeks."

Speaking to Hurd on the oil boom, he also discussed problems that arise with it. This includes housing.

"Communities are looking to bring some housing especially around the Pecos region," says Hurd. "There are some projects that are working there.  This is an impact that everyone is having."

As the representative from District 23 (which holds a substantial part of the border) Hurd also spoke on border issues. This regarded both the wall and recent controversy with immigration.

"We should be having smart solutions, and we should be looking at every mile of the border separately. There is not a one size fits all solution to border security," said Hurd. "I just recently went to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. I looked at the root causes that is causing drugs coming into our country and illegal immigration. We address this problem there, then it is not on our shores."