Congressmen discuss Hurricane relief

September 11, 2017
In The News

Hurricane Harvey has left thousands of Texans in dyer situations. Many have been left without homes and are now looking for a way to rebuild. On Friday, President Donald Trump signed a more than $15 billion Hurricane Harvey relief bill into law. Congressman Will Hurd said billions more will be needed.

“Some early numbers suggest it's going to be north of $100 billion,” Hurd said.

Congressman Henry Cuellar shared how the bill would essentially act as a down payment, a start to the funding process. He said it would also help Americans rebuild following not just Hurricane Harvey but various other natural disasters happening around the country.“That money will go to Texas, some of that will go to Florida and then some of that money also will go to those fires that we had in the western part of the United States,” Cuellar said.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett said the first dollars would be used to keep FEMA operations going.

“I would expect in the next week or two we will have to provide additional funding,” Doggett said.

There's another task he's working on and that’s getting locals stuck in the Caribbean Sea back home.

“We're working with the State Department, FEMA to try and rescue Americans who in peril as a result of the tremendous devastation that occurred there,” Doggett said.