Getting to know Representative Will Hurd

March 23, 2015
In The News

One of our area's newest law makers is US Representative Will Hurd, who oversees District 23.

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SAN ANTONIO – I recently sat down with the newly-elected congressman who represents one of Texas' most important districts when it comes to border security. He's been called “The spy who infiltrated congress” by Yahoo News. This previous spy for the CIA is Texas' newly elected Representative Will Hurd of District 23.

“I started when I was 22 - right out of Texas A&M,” said Hurd. “I spent two years in DC, two years in India, two years in Pakistan, two years in New York doing interagency work, and a year and a half in Afghanistan where I managed all of our undercover operations.”



That's just one aspect that makes him an anomaly. He's young for a representative at 37 years old, he is black and is a Republican; a rare combination in congress.


“I think it's cool that folks in Texas in this district are voting for someone for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. For me, I've been a Republican for a long time and part of that is strong national security. It's part of my background. That's my experience, creating opportunity for everyone and making sure that if you work hard, you have the opportunity to make your life better.”


Hurd feels a strong sense of connection to the district.


“Born and raised here. My closest friends are these knuckleheads I've known since I was 13 years old and we started playing freshman basketball, and they're still some of my closest friends.”


He's a proud Aggie and was student body president during the bonfire collapse. That experience fostered his desire to serve. Now as a freshman congressman, he's landed a prime position as chair of the information technology subcommittee.


“The American people say, ‘Hey! Get something done right. Go up to Washington D.C. and do something.’ And it's nice actually being in a place where I can actually do that.”


He gets excited at the thought of using his technical knowledge to advance San Antonio.


“San Antonio is becoming Cyber City USA. We have the 24th Air Force, the 25th Air Force. We have NSA Texas. We have great technology companies like Webhead and Rackspace - all here. You have the programs with Texas A&M and UTSA with digital insurance and information insurance. You know we have a critical mass of companies, willingness by government, and so this something where I am going to be able to use this role help San Antonio's movement into this area.”


Plus, he's ready to apply his security experience to District 23. The area covers the largest part of America's southern border with Mexico, more than 800 miles that spans two time zones.


“I have credibility when I talk about border security. I've been on some pretty nasty borders, and I know how to deal with this issue.”


Though Representive Hurd's life might seem more like a movie script, he wants you to know he is more like the guy next door.


“I was born and raised in the San Antonio area called Leon Valley. My folks still live in the house I was born into. I'm the baby of three. I have two nieces, one nephew. I'm unmarried. I was engaged once, but when you come home and say, ‘Hey honey, I'm in the CIA and we're moving to Pakistan.’ That has a chilling effect,” Hurd chuckled.