Hurd: Computer Security is Massive Economic Opportunity for San Antonio

February 19, 2015
In The News


Newly elected U.S. Representative Will Hurd (R-San Antonio) told the West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce that, with computer hacking becoming a key priority of both business and national defense, San Antonio is in the perfect position to become the Capital of Cyber Defense, with all the jobs and investment such a designation would entail, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Hurd says the latest hack attack, which is said to have ripped off as much s $1 billion from banks worldwide, is demonstrating the need for a robust computer security operation, and he says San Antonio is well positioned to assume that role.

  "As we get more sophisticated and more of our information goes onto a digital network, we have to be prepared, and San Antonio can help lead in this area," he said.

  Hurd pointed to several assets already in place in San Antonio, led by the 24th Air Force Cyber Command, located at Lackland Air Force Base.  He says UTSA and St. Mary's Universities both have very highly regarded computer security programs, and several local businesses are already leading in cyber security efforts.

  "Everybody has been impacted by some type of breach, how many people have had to get a new credit card, because their information was stolen."

  And Hurd says the sector is booming and will continue to grow as the U.S. increasingly faces threats from enemies abroad to hacker collectives who are interested in stealing money and personal information.