Hurd Continues To Push For “Smart Border Wall”

October 12, 2017
In The News

Congressman Will Hurd has introduced two amendments to the Border Security for America Act that would use cutting edge technology instead of a large wall to secure the U.S/Mexico border.

Earlier this year, Hurd brought up an idea for something he calls a “SMART” wall. It uses a series of cameras, drones and other tech to monitor activity along the border.

He says he’s been getting some good response form both sides of Congress from Lawmakers who realize the need for more security.

Hurd highlights the cost effectiveness of his plan and the fact that it doesn’t involve putting up a large wall in areas where nature would make it nearly impossible to construct one.

He says his bill prevents your tax dollars from being wasted on ineffective border security features.

Hurd’s district includes about 800 miles of border.