Hurd on Tax Reform: 'I think people are excited about simplicity'

November 15, 2017
In The News

WASHINGTON -- Tax reform is front and center in Washington this week, and Congressman Hurd had much to say about the proposed changes to our tax system.

We started by asking him what he thought about adding the element of repealing the Obamacare mandate to the tax reform bill.

"I think that's a very good question" said Congressman Hurd. "In the House, the House bill that we're likely to vote on tomorrow does not include the repeal of the individual mandate. So whether this helps get votes or hurts votes in the Senate, I don't know."

He then started talking numbers.

"I do know this. When the average family in the United States of America makes $59,000 a year and is a family of four, and they're going to get $1,182 back in taxes and not sent that to Washington, D.C. That's a really big deal."

Hearing on Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act made changes to the ways the U.S. federal government buys and manages computer technology. Hurd talked about a hearing being held concerning the act and the fact that agencies across the federal government don't keep track of all of the software licenses that they have. Hurd said that's a problem.

"If you don't know what software licenses you have on your network, then you don't know what vulnerabilities you have on your network," explained Hurd. Twitter Ads info and p



Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

We also asked Congressman Hurd about the Sutherland Springs church shooting. He said his heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones and talked about the impact the shooting was having on a such a tight-knit community. Hurd then talked about the shooter.

"This killer should never have been able to get his hands on a weapon," Hurd told us.

He said he is aware of Senator John Cornyn's bipartisan efforts to "make sure someone who shouldn't have access to a gun get access to a gun." and stated they entire Department of Defense is now reviewing this.

Opioid Crisis in America

When asked about the opioid crisis, Hurd talked about how opioid addition is having a disproportional impact on veterans. He also believes we need to change the way we deal with addition.

"We're dealing with addiction the same way we've dealt with addiction for the last 90 years," said Hurd. "And there are some folks in San Antonio that are on the cutting edge of how you can do things like gene therapy and a mix of medicines to deal with addiction. And this is going to help not just our veterans, but all Americans that are affected by opioid addiction."