TX Representative Will Hurd visits Brackettville

March 19, 2015
In The News

Will Hurd, the U.S. Representative for Texas’ 23 congressional district, visited Brackettville for the second time since he was elected. In a brief meeting with some of Brackettville’s citizens, he received a list of petitions to improve the county and the city. Priority was given to the discussion of the conditions of city streets and county roads; the congressman and his collaborators took note of these needs and suggested cooperation with other towns to share machinery so that the works can be done as fast as possible.

Another topic of dis- cussion was the need for better emergency re- sponse, including EMS, the fire department and also the airport. The point that was made was that Brackettville hosts a big number of border patrol members and people who give service to the state and the country but that at the same time the county does not have suf- ficient means for protect- ing them and responding to emergencies that they may have.

The watershed dams were also mentioned in the meeting as they need maintenance and permanent fencing.

Finally, the citizens that were present mentioned that they are trying to beautify the city in order to improve the economy of the town by bringing more tourism. They are also worried about pro- moting historical preser- vation and creating spaces for recreation.

The congressman took note of all the petitions and said that he would try his best to help Brackettville’s residents.