U.S. Representative Will Hurd Speaks at Aggie Muster

April 22, 2015
In The News

KAGSTV - College Station--

U.S. Representative Will Hurd (R - TX 23) spoke at Aggie Muster Tuesday night as Texas A&M students past and present honored the lives of those who died over the past year.

Congressman Hurd graduated from Texas A&M in 1999, and was student body president when the Bonfire collapsed. Hurd is also one of the youngest Muster speakers ever.

In his speech, Hurd focused on the differences and similarities between Aggie classes from 50 years ago and those today. He also spoke about his own experiences at A&M, and why traditions like Muster are so important to Aggies.

"The folks that we're calling 'here' for -- we're going to remember the good times. We're going to remember the fun times we had with them when we were at school together. It really is an opportunity for us to rejoice that they're in a better place, but that we also get the opportunity to commit to living our lives to the fullest," said Congressman Hurd.

More than 300 Musters happened across the world Tuesday.

Hurd says that at age 37, he needs to use different tools of communication to reach all ages of voters. He says social media plays a huge role in Presidential campaigning, with many candidates using other methods to announce their bid.

"We have to get our message out to people, and you have to do that in areas where they're listening, and using modes that they use.  As communication methods evolve, you're going to see political campaigns evolve with it," said Hurd.