Hurd Bill to Protect Border Patrol Agent Pay Becomes Law

May 20, 2015
Press Release
‘I came to Washington to find solutions and fix problems,’ Hurd says

Washington, DC – Bipartisan legislation introduced by U.S. Representative Will Hurd from the 23rd Congressional District of Texas was signed by the President yesterday, making him the first member of the Freshmen class of 2015 to have a bill become law. Beginning with the very next pay-period, this law will stabilize paychecks for Border Patrol Agents who, due to a lack of action by the Department of Homeland Security, were facing a deep cut in their pay, despite working the same number of hours.

“What an honor to have a bill signed into law that truly helps some very deserving people. I came to Washington to find solutions and fix problems for the people in West Texas and that’s exactly what this law does,” said Hurd, whose district shares more than 820 miles of border with Mexico. “Border Patrol Agents have a highly dangerous and demanding job and often put their lives on the line for our safety.  These dedicated public servants and their families deserve to have stability in the paychecks they have earned."

Hurd represents a district that contains portions of four different Border Patrol Sectors, including Big Bend, El Paso, Del Rio and Laredo. More than 6,000 Border Patrol Agents are present in these sectors. 

“We would like to give our sincere gratitude to Congressman Hurd for helping sort through the pay issues that continue to plague the Border Patrol. What should have been a simple process turned into a debacle and the Congressman's assistance not only addressed the problem, it helped remove some of the financial uncertainty that many agents were experiencing,” said Jon Anfinsen, President NBPC Local 2366 in Del Rio, Texas.

“Every day our men and women put their lives on the line to protect our communities.  We appreciate the hard work of Congressman Hurd to protect them,” commented Stuart Harris, Vice President NBPC Local 1929 in El Paso, Texas.  

Hector Garza, President NBPC Local 2455 of Laredo, Texas, stated,  “Our dedicated and hardworking United States Border Patrol Agents appreciate Rep. Hurd’s support and thank him for working tirelessly to support the men and women who keep our country safe from those individuals that intend to cause us harm. His leadership on this important issue will not go unnoticed by the Border Patrol Agents whose pay was threatened by the lack of action of Washington bureaucrats.”

“Our agents not only protect our communities they support our local economy and small businesses. When our pay was under attack, Congressman Hurd acted quickly to protect not just us but the many businesses that rely on us,”  added Lee Smith, President Local 2509 of Big Bend, Texas.