Hurd Examines Security Status of Southwest Border with Congressional Delegation

January 22, 2015
Press Release
‘People in my district want to know why this problem isn’t solved yet,’ says Hurd

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) will join other members of Congress on a tour of the southwest border this weekend, led by fellow Texan and Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, Congressman Mike McCaul. With stops in San Diego, California, Sierra Vista, Arizona and McAllen, Texas, the representatives will examine the evolving national security threats to the nation, security at the southwest border, best practices to secure land and sea borders, technology currently deployed at the border and inter-governmental cooperation to secure the U.S. Border. 

“My time as an undercover CIA officer gives me a unique perspective on border security and the best way to achieve it,” says Hurd, Vice Chairman of the Maritime and Border Security subcommittee for Homeland Security. “It’s not just about building a fence. Our border guards need the best and most applicable technology available and the flexibility to use what’s right for each situation. It’s very important for the folks who are making border security law in Washington to actually see for themselves what it’s like at the border and hear from the brave men and women who protect us every day.”

Representative Hurd will host a dinner between his fellow members of Congress and several south and west Texas business owners on Sunday evening, allowing his colleagues to hear directly from local stakeholders about how border security affects safety, commerce and trade along the border.

“This issue is so important to the people in my district. Wherever I travel while I’m home people want to know why this problem hasn’t been solved yet. This isn’t a partisan issue,” insists Hurd, “it’s about national security and our economy. I am more than ready to work with my fellow Republicans, my colleagues across the aisle and the President to find common sense solutions that will get the job done.”