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Congressman Will Hurd

Representing the 23rd District of Texas
  • Hurd on the Hill: Words Matter

    One of the founding principles of our great nation is free speech – or put alternatively, the ability to disagree. Through civil discourse and competition of ideas, we have created policies that have allowed Americans and America to prosper. We cannot take our rights for granted. We need to use this right to free speech to show each other and the rest of the world that more unites us than divides us.
  • Hurd on the Hill: Restoring Our National Treasures

    National Parks are an integral part of the American experience, and the seven in our district, including Big Bend and the San Antonio Missions, provide immeasurable cultural, environmental, and economic benefits. Each park’s landscape has a unique story that allows us to understand our past, appreciate our present, and know where we’re going in the future. For these parks to remain beautiful and accessible, we have a responsibility as a nation to care for and maintain them.
  • Hurd Praises VA Announcement to Synchronize Health IT with DoD System

    It is about time that the Departments use one common system to enable seamless care, without the frustrations of exchanging and reconciling data between two separate systems. Having incompatible EHR systems have created very real problems for our veterans like lapses in treatment and doctors missing documented patient concerns. Furthermore, in the year 2017, our nation’s veterans should not have to print out their health records when they leave the military and manually show the paperwork to their doctors.
  • Hurd Statement on Financial CHOICE Act

    “Through duplicative regulations and excessive red tape, Dodd-Frank created an uneven playing field between large financial institutions and community banks and credit unions, who provide nearly half of all small loans to businesses and farmers. Tightening of lending and closures of community financial institutions across my district, as a result, have negatively impacted access to capital for the farmers, ranchers and small business owners in my district...."
  • Mexico City Trip Strengthens Bilateral Relationship

    U.S. Representative Will Hurd joined a bipartisan group of 11 Members of Congress to Mexico City Monday for the U.S.-Mexico Interparliamentary Group (IPG) meeting. While in Mexico, the group along with 15 Members of Mexico’s Congress, were inaugurated into the 53rd US-Mexico Interparliamentary Group and met with their counterparts to discuss our trade relationship, migration and human safety, national security cooperation and a 21st Century border.
  • Hurd Co-Chairs Hispanic-Serving Institutions Caucus

    “Ensuring access to educational opportunities will strengthen the economy, drive technological advancement , and allow citizens to overcome socioeconomic challenges that are influenced by education inequality.” said Hurd, whose district is roughly 70% Hispanic.

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Hurd on the Hill: For Veterans, We Need to do More

Recent Votes

Date Roll Call Bill Vote
6/26/2017 324 H.R.2258 Yea
6/26/2017 323 H.R.2547 Yea
6/23/2017 322 H.R.2842 Yea
6/23/2017 321 H.R.2842 Aye
6/23/2017 320 H.R.2842 Aye